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Facilitated by spouse of a Vietnam Veteran and a Veteran/Mom of a Vet/Spouse of a Vet/Daughter of a Vet, this diverse support group began in October 2011.

Its focus is Military Female family member and Female Veteran/Active Duty.   

WHEN:    Tuesday, 1730-1830 (5:30-6:30PM)

WHERE:  1st Texas Bank Bldg, 901 Indiana, Ste 180, Wichita Falls, TX 76301

POC's:     Karen Watson & Sheri Ward, 940-767-1432 or 940-224-9851


The regular meeting of the Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans, North TX Chapter, meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 1800 (6pm).

War Wounds - 6:30 pm in Jacksonville

War Wounds

Support Group for Service members, Veterans, and Families dealing with PTSD

Every Tuesday Night


  • Setting goals/Problem solving
  • Coping skills
  • Anger management
  • Dealing with self-blame or guilt
  • Sleep difficulties and nightmares
  • Connecting with family, friends and community
  • Communication skills
  • Family communication



Peer Support Group

Meeting Time:

Every Tuesday Night, 7pm to 8pm



Prosper High School Administration Bldg.

605 E. Seventh St.

Prosper TX 75078

County (Collin)


Contact Information:

Clark Gullette


Ron Underwood




Every 4th Tuesday of the month, Caregiver's Corner - Wounded Warrior Wives Support Group meets at the Heroes Night Out (HNO) Green Zone Resource Center at 7:00 pm.

The Military Veteran Peer Network is an affiliation of Service Members, Veterans and Family Members dedicated to establish camaraderie and trust with each other, identifying and vetting community resources and, collectively, contributing to the communities where we live.

Peer to Peer Support Workshops help you to talk through issues that occur when you experience a traumatic (wartime) event. Discussing your problems with peers is proven to be more successful to your well-being than discussing it with others. Because peers served in the military, you can identify with each other. Many times, they have been there and done that too! It's time to bring everyone in the zone!

We provide support for Veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, MH and SA.

Cleburne Peer Group - 7:00 pm in Cleburne

Peer Support Group Topics:

Family, Marriage & Relationships

Trauma & Moral Injury

Veteran Resources available to you


129 Harmon Rd
Hurst, TX

Veteran Fitness Group - 8:00 am in El Paso

El Paso P2P


All-Female Veteran/Soldier Support group meets every 1st, 3rd & 5th Tuesday evening from 6-7pm.

Women Veterans or Women Soldiers, please join us! 

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What do County Veteran Service Officers do?

County Veteran Service Officers work with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other nationally chartered veterans organizations to assure that veterans and their dependents receive the entitlements they deserve.

Click here for a sortable, searchable directory of Texas' County Veteran Service Officers.

What is the Military Veteran Peer Network?

With the peer-to-peer network, veterans go through a training course that teaches them how to facilitate groups of veterans. Once trained, they create local community peer groups. Because members of the group set the rules, no two peer groups are the same.

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