No one wades a stream without getting wet and no one comes back from war unchanged.  This is a toughening process for some people – a self-awareness generation engine.  The efforts of our troops may produce internal struggles, but those efforts also produce tested, accomplished people.

Sometimes, people need a hand in slowing the internal disquiet and conflict that combat, deployment, military sexual trauma, or other abnormal situations produce.  No one is better prepared to speak with a Veteran about her experiences than another Veteran, a peer.

With the peer-to-peer network, veterans go through a training course that teaches them how to facilitate groups of veterans. Once trained, they are tasked with going out into their local communities and creating peer groups. Because members of the group set the rules, no two peer groups are the same.

Check out the map on the "Locate Meetings" tab to find peer meetings near you. The "P2P Resources" tab contains other peer-related resources. The "Contacts" tab is an index of MVPN volunteers that you can search by county, city, or volunteer name. The "Coordinator Map" tab contains the MVPN's map of MVPN volunteer coordinators and the regions they serve.

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Having trouble adjusting to civilian life? Having trouble relating to civilians or family? Feel like you don't belong? Or ... do you just want to enjoy the company of other Veterans?
Interested in helping a Veteran or a Soldier? Join the Military Veteran Outreach Program and become a trained peer facilitator! Help ensure that no Soldier or Veteran is left behind! Contact Military/Veteran Outreach Coordinator in El Paso!   Phone:  915-319-3811
Source: Military.com benefits  24 Aug 2011
Casting Call – Stand By Them. Help a Veteran In Crisis. Can you help a fellow Vet?
The Amarillo Veterans Affairs Health Care System opened an expanded clinic, the Lady Liberty Women Veterans Clinic, Tuesday to accommodate women. Located at the VA’s Thomas E. Creek Medical Center, 6010 W. Amarillo Boulevard, the clinic will provide full services for women Veterans.

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